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3 Easy Steps To Setting Up Your Google Business Page For Your Chiropractic Office




As you go through the process of starting your Chiropractic business, one of your top priorities needs to be getting listed on Google. If people can’t find you on Google, they won’t know you exist.

Having a Google Business Page offers three primary benefits:

  1. Your practice shows up in local Google searches
  2. Your office is shown on Google Maps, allowing patients to find you
  3. Patients will be able to leave reviews of your business, helping you attract more patients

This process is fairly simple, but it can take up to two weeks to complete because of Google’s verification process – which is why the sooner you do it, the better.

Setting Up Your ‘Google My Business’ Page

Before starting this process, you should already have your business address, business phone number, and primary email address setup. Otherwise, get those squared away first.

Step 1


Go to google.com/business and click the green “Start Now” button.

If you already have a Google account that you want to associate with your Chiropractic office, enter that information. If not, you’ll need to create a new account – do so by clicking “Create Account.”

Don’t worry about creating multiple accounts for your staff; once your page is set up you will be able to add page managers and keep your account designated as the owner.


Step 2


You’ll be directed to a Google Maps page where you can search for your existing location or add one. If your office has been open for a while, it’s possible that your business location is already listed, although not likely.

Search the name of your Chiropractic office and select your business if it shows up or click “add your business.”

Enter the information for your business exactly as it will be displayed on your website and in other business listings. Be sure to double-check your information – it’s important that the spelling of your business name, address, and phone number are exactly the same as they will be listed on your website and elsewhere. This prevents future problems with your online listings from occurring.

Step 3


The final step is to verify your business with Google.

The most common method is by postcard, where Google sends you a postcard to your business address, and you log back into your account and enter the verification code provided on the postcard. This usually takes around five business days.

A quicker method is phone verification, where Google will call your business phone number and provide a verification code. However, Google doesn’t offer this method to every business.

The quickest option is instant verification for businesses who have already verified their business website with Google Search Console. Learn more here.

Complete Your Google+ Local Business Page



Completing the process above will get your Chiropractic office listed on Google and will automatically create a Google+ page for your business – this is where people can learn important information about your business and leave reviews of your service.

Be sure to go through and add a thorough description of your business, make sure your location and phone number are both listed, add your business hours, and upload some photos to make your page look more attractive. If you want to create stunning marketing materials without hiring a graphics designer, use a free tool like Canva to do the work yourself.

Once you’ve completed your Google+ Page, you’re all set! Now your Chiropractic office will show up in Google searches and on Google Maps. You’ll also be able to start generating valuable reviews to spread the word about your practice.

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