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15 Ways to Get Online Reviews for Your Chiropractic Business


Online reviews

One of the best things about shopping online is the ability to read reviews from real customers. From Google and Yelp to the various social media websites, it’s not hard to figure out whether a company has a good reputation or not.

In fact, marketing research shows that 70% of online customers rely on reviews to make buying decisions, and 86% of customers will pay more for a better customer experience.

Online reviews can make or break your Chiropractic business.

15 Ways to Get Online Reviews for Your Chiropractic Business

There’s virtually a limitless amount of ways to get reviews, so don’t feel limited to what you see here. However, this article will get you started with some of the most common and effective methods.

1. Add Signs Around Your Office



You want to get people thinking about leaving your practice a review from the moment they walk in the door. Many chiropractors put a sign in the front lobby or stickers on their front window that asks patients to leave an honest review.

Not only does this remind them in a non-pushy way, but it also reminds your staff to stay on their A-game at all times.

2. Ask Your Patients Directly After a Session


Once you’ve completed a session with your patient, you should ask for honest feedback to ensure they’re happy with the service. If they have issues or concern, use that opportunity to address them on the spot.

When your patients give positive and glowing feedback, this is the perfect opportunity to politely ask them for a review online and to tell them how appreciative you are for their business and their review.

3. Set Up an In-Office Review Station


If you’re going to ask for reviews from patients in your office, it’s nice to make it as easy as possible for them. Also, elderly patients and folks who aren’t computer savvy are far more likely to leave you a review if you’ve already got everything ready to go for them.

4. Get Your Family and Friends to Leave a Review

You might think it’s cheating to ask your personal network for reviews, but the truth is there are right and wrong ways to approach this. Getting those first few reviews are the hardest, and there’s nothing wrong with being resourceful if you’re doing so in an ethical way.

I recommend inviting your friends and family members to get a free chiropractic adjustment (or another service) in return for an honest review. It’s important that they actually experience the service and care from your office so they can leave a thoughtful review.

Savvy online shoppers can tell the difference between “Dr. so-and-so is perfect!!” and “my hip has been feeling funny for weeks and after my adjustment, I can sit and walk comfortably again.” Plus, it’s good practice for you and your staff.

5. Incentivize (Don’t Buy) Reviews


If you do enough research about online marketing, you’ll eventually come across services that offer to sell you fake positive reviews. Although you might be tempted, this will only end up backfiring in the long run – especially if the review website finds out because they will terminate your account and you’ll lose the benefit of all your real positive reviews that you worked hard for.

Instead, you should incentivize your real patients to leave reviews by offering a discount on their next service, a free massage, a gift card, or something else you think they’d enjoy. However, I will warn you – while this is common practice in our industry, it does go against most review websites’ policies, so you don’t want to openly advertise this online.

6. Display Reviews on Your Website


If you don’t already have a review system on your website, you should consider adding one. When you allow reviews on the website you own, you have more control over quality control, and you can incentivize them any way you please.

Plus, it adds significantly more trust to your website, which is crucial for winning over new patients.

7. Send Follow-Up Emails to Patients


Email marketing is incredibly powerful, and if you aren’t collecting the email address from your patients, you need to start doing so as soon as possible.

Once you have your patient’s email address, you can send a follow-up email after their appointment asking for a review on whichever site is most important to your practice at that time. It’s important to note how valuable and well-appreciated their feedback is.

8. Record a YouTube Testimonial


No review is more engaging than a video testimonial, but these are a little more challenging to get. You don’t want to ask a new patient to go on camera.

However, if a patient has visited your office several times and overcome significant pain (or other ailments), they are a prime candidate for a testimonial video. You can either keep a camera on-hand or use your phone if you have one of the latest Apple or Samsung phones. (Be sure to prop it up on something stable to keep the camera steady.)

9. Ask for a Recommendation on LinkedIn


Although LinkedIn is the professional network, those professionals still need Chiropractic service. You’re more likely to reach high-end professional patients with reviews that show up where they spend the most time online.

Plus, LinkedIn recommendations are a great way to increase your value as a professional business owner, in addition to being a Chiropractor.

10. Reach Out to Local Bloggers and Journalists


If you live in a bigger city, there are probably several blogs that review businesses around town. Most local bloggers, and even some local journalists, would love to give an honest review in return for a free session.

This also gives your office free exposure and a boost in SEO if they link to your website!

11. Share Positive Social Media Mentions

social media

Search your name (or the name of your office) on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media you use. When you see someone say something positive about your service, share their post for your followers to see.

Although this isn’t a formal review, it has the same effect, and it shows your patients that you are engaged in your community.

12. List Your Practice on Healthgrades.com


Healthgrades is a review website for medical services, and while the site isn’t as popular as Yelp, it has a loyal user base. Creating an account is an easy way to attract new patients and to get online reviews from active users in their community.

13. Sign Up for Angie’s List

Angies List


Angie’s List does cost money to use, but similar to Healthgrades, they have a loyal user base that trusts their service greatly. Some Chiropractors find that Angie’s List doesn’t bring in enough patients to be worth the price, but it varies greatly by city. Ask around your area to see if Angie’s List is a trusted source of online reviews in your city.

14. Add a Link to Your Email Signature

By adding a link to your proffered online review website to your email signature, you turn every email into a review-generating email with zero ongoing effort.

15. Respond to Every Review

A personal response and “thank you” goes a long with patients – it also shows others who are watching that you genuinely care. This motivates more patients to leave a positive review, as well.

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